Rum Runner Buns? Pastries taking notes from cocktails

It’s not unusual to see a bar borrowing techniques, ingredients and recipes from the kitchen to be applied onto craft cocktails, but now the swarming knowledge gathered behind the bar is spilling back into the kitchen. Enter Jane’s Sweet Buns, a pastry shop located in the East Village where owner Ravi DeRossi (Death and Co, Mayahuel, Cienfuego) and bartender extraordinaire Jane Danger (CBGB, Death and Co, Cienfuegos) are offering pastries inspired by classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned buns (peacans, bourbon, sugar, vanilla, angostura bitters). Using her moms baking recipes and her vast knowledge in cocktails and spirits, Jane Danger’s pastry creations make sense without ever reaching “gimmick territory”. Turns out now that you can have your cake and drink it too.  Click here to see menu

Here is an article on Jane’s Sweet Buns via by Patty Lee

photograph by Kevin Hagen

Jane Danger has traded in her cocktail mixer for a rolling pin.
With the help of restaurateur Ravi DeRossi, Danger, 26, is serving up cocktail-inspired confections at new East Village shop Jane’s Sweet Buns.
Although the treats originate from her parents’ traditional recipes — Danger’s family is of Scandinavian descent — there’s more than cinnamon in these doughy rolls.
Once a bartender at hotspots like CBGB, Death + Company and most recently Cienfuegos, the fiery redhead is using her mixologist expertise to give the buns a boozy punch. Click here to read full article

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