How to make your homemade Falernum

There are many brands of Falernum in the market, but I choose to make mine for the same reason many of us make our own bitters, infusions, syrups etc.. it allows us more control of the flavors we want to show case. Last Monday I submitted¬†a cocktail that called for apple and ginger. Finally after some brainstorming I remembered about Falernum, a slighty sweet alcoholic syrup (some times it comes in a non-alcoholic presentation) created in Barbados which has flavors of cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, ginger and almonds, mostly used in Tiki drinks such as The Jet Pilot, Zombie and Corn ‘N Oil. I thought that this spices found in Falernum would go well with the apple flavors that reminisce¬†feelings from fall.
“Googling” Falernum you will find a large mass of varying descriptions of flavors, spices, and origins. You can do your research here:, and and see which recipe works better for you. Tweak it as you go. This is how I prepared my spicy sweet Falernum:
10 oz. Jamaican Rum
Zest of 5 Limes removed with a grater
Zest of 5 Lemon
3 oz Ginger root (peeled and julienned)
30 Cloves
5 Cinnamon sticks
Let mixture rest for 24 hours. Strain mixture from all the solids. Add half a teaspoon of Almond extract. Add 14 oz Simple Syrup (2:1 sugar to water) and 4 oz of fresh lime juice. Shake the mixture vigorously and your good to go!

Hope this Falernum recipe works for you, I like to think that it was my secret weapon in the “Orient Express Swizzle” cocktail, winner of the Absolut competition. Check out some pics and video from the event here.

Thanks to photographer Andrew Ford

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