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Via NY Post (Gazpacho martini)

Drink your dinner (NY Post)

The days of the liquid lunch are truly over in this job market, but that doesn’t mean you can’t drink your supper. Mixologists are serving up cocktails that are a meal in themselves — and just as delicious as their namesake plates. Salads, soups, even sandwiches are being distilled into liquid form. The results are more complicated, nuanced and savory than typical mixed drinks — and increasingly popular, too.

If you love caprese salad:

Caprese Martini, $18 at Bar on Fifth, 400 Fifth Ave.; 212-695-4005

Pale yellow, rather than bright red, this tomato-based creation makes for a super summer cocktail.
It tastes like a good Caprese salad should: clean and fresh, savory with just a hint of sweet, salty (thanks to a Kosher salt and pepper rim), and with a basil aftertaste.
To put it together, the kitchen and bar staff collaborate. “I do the infusing of vodka with basil and cucumber,” says bartender Robbie Clift. “And the chef creates the tomato water from organic, locally grown tomatoes.”
About two tomatoes go into each drink.
They’re double-boiled with basil until they release their juice, which is added to the vodka, some simple syrup and white balsamic vinegar. A ball of bocconcini finishes it off.
“It’s more complicated to make it than we thought,” admits Clift. “I like that, it makes it more interesting.”

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