“NY-LON” Pop Up Cocktail Bar (Tampa)

This week a had the great fortune to be contacted by the owner one of the best cocktail bars in Florida, Ro Patel from Ciro’s Speakeasy located in Tampa. He had a fantastic idea to open a temporary bar while Ciro’s would be closed for a two week vacation. This Cocktail Pop Up bar would have a completly different food and cocktail menu and the bar would have a different feel then it’s speakeasy theme. In all, it would be a new concept that Ro called NY-LON where the best of ¬†contemporary cocktails from NYC would go against the most acclaim libations from London. I had the daunting and fun task to select the cocktails from NYC. After much brainstorming and help from fellow bartenders I had a list of 20 cocktails! which only 5 would make the menu. Finally I simply went with 5 cocktails that were ground breaking and innovative at its time, drinks that with certainty will sustain the test of time and every great bartender should know how to make.

So come down to NY-LON Pop Up Bar in Tampa and enjoy for only two nights Friday and Saturday (Sept 2 and 3) some of the best drinks from two of the most pioneering cities in the cocktail scene.

Phone: 813-251-0022 Address: 2109 Bayshore Blvd, Tampa, FL 33606

This cocktail menu is my homage to some of the most pioneering bartender in NYC:

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