Support Your Local Distillery (Breuckelen Distilling Co)

Inspired by Brooklyn’s fascination with DIY movement Brad Estabrooke had the idea of opening his own distillery  (Breuckelen Distilling Co) right after being laid off from his job. His goal formed after reading an article in an in-flight magazine a couple of years ago. The article discussed some of the new laws that have been put into place that make it easier for micro-distilleries to open and stay afloat. He decided to create a Gin with a blend of organic ingredients (juniper, rosemary, lemon, grapefruit and ginger). He does his own in house grinding/milling of a entirely New York State wheat then does an in house fermentation and distillation of their wheat base spirit. Breuckelen Distilling Company is part of a local urban distilling micro-trend, turning New York State grain into gin right in Sunset Park.

Check out Breuckelen Distilling Company website here

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