The Boutique Bar Show- London Edition-

For all my UK readers The Boutique Bar Show- London Edition- is rolling to town Sept 20-21. The show is completely focused on showcasing new and upcoming brands within the premium end of the drinks market.

Each show is packed with features including talks, competitions and new exclusive launches.

Time: 11-17:30 Location: Royal Horticultural Halls


09.30 – 13.00 The Luxardo “Classics” Cocktail Competition – hosted by the UKBG

Are you a master of Maraschino? The UKBG is partnering with Luxardo Maraschino for a new cocktail competition at the Boutique Bar Show London and we invite you to enter. Virtually every top bar stocks a bottle of this Luxardo classic. Perennial favourites like the Aviation and the Martinez make for elegant sipping, and certainly they are a test of skill and precision.

However more and more bars are experimenting with Luxardo Maraschino to create there own signature serves. What will you come up with? Matteo Luxardo will join the panel of judges and looks forward to tasting your creation.

11.45 – 13.00 The American Bar – The Savoy through the Ages – Main Stage

Recently reopened to fantastic acclaim, join the Savoy Team headed by Daniel Baernreuther for a insight into the world famous American Bars development from it’s beginnings in 1905 with the first and only female head bartender Ada Coleman to the modern day with award winning Head Bartender Erik Lorincz.

Going through the archives recreating some classic drinks produced at The Savoy through the ages including a one off opportunity to try a Daiquiri made with a 1930’s bottle of Bacardi, your only opportunity to try a Daiquiri made as Harry Craddock would of enjoyed.

13.30 – 14.30 The Four C’s of Cognac – with Dave Broom – Main Stage

Spirits specialist, Dave Broom and cocktail expert, Tristan Stephenson of Purl, will together demonstrate how the development of Cognac flavours in the mouth affects perception of this timeless spirit – from sipping, to use in cocktails. The last International Cognac Summit (ICS), when both participated, dug deep into the special relationship Cognac has enjoyed for more than a century with those who sip and those who mix.

13.30 – 17.00 Flor De Cana Cocktail Competition – Competition Bar

Does your rum punch recipes stand out above the rest? A familiar face on the Boutique Competition Bar, Flor De Caña will again be challenging the country’s finest bartenders to compete for honours during the afternoon session.

This year – labelled “Punch Season” – candidates need to design two punches, a Winter Punch and a Summer Punch, to be in with a chance of winning some fantastic surfing trip to Nicaragua and other great prizes.

15.30 – 16.30 The Journey of Artemisia – Ago Perrone & Giuseppe Gallo – Main Stage

The use of aromatic plants and spices to prepare beverages dates back to ancient Mediterranean history. This seminar will present the historical and current use of The Artemisia Absenthum (Wormwood) in the aromatization of different types of alcoholic beverages, from Vermouth to Absinthe to Liquors.

Legislative aspects and their effects throughout the course of history will also be explored and we will discover the use of such a herb in modern cocktails and its interpretation by the modern mixologist.

12.00 – 13.15 Esoteric Cocktails Ingredients with Tony Conigliaro – Main Stage

Presented by international bartender of the year Tony Conigliaro will explore and explain how less-frequently reached for ingredients can be integrated into the repertoire of what we use as bartenders to create cocktails. Esoteric ingredients can enhance and refresh our take on the classics but also inspire a whole new collection of cocktails that employ flavours and combinations that have been previously overlooked or undiscovered.

Ingredients to be discussed in detail include; tuberose – traditionally used in perfume to amplify the more subtle notes, ambergris – once a fixative in perfume, a solid, waxy substance produced in the digestive system of and regurgitated or excreted by sperm whales, Kigo – a Shochu distilled from sweet potato and rice, andcassis bud – the lesser-known part of the cassis flower.

13.30 – 14.45 Presenting Your Drinks with The Night Jar Team

The first taste is with the eye, presenting your drinks in new and interesting ways provides your customers with a “wow” factor. Marian Beke and Luca Cincinalli at the Nightjar use an array of tools and techniques to present classic cocktails in original ways and this is a great opportunity to gain inspiration and ideas for your own drinks presentation.

The talk will showcase five of Nightjar’s most innovative cocktails touching on the subjects of ice, garnishing, bar preparation and will even be bringing the chef for that final Nightjar Flourish.

15.00 – 16.15 The DNA of the Cocktails – with Andy Campana and Kevin Armstrong – Main Stage

Leading industry drinks maker Andrew Campana (Owner, The Loft Lounge, Plan B) and Kevin Armstrong (Theme Bartender of the Year, Soulshakers) will be breaking down the DNA of the Cocktail. Taking a scientific approach the talk will cover the effects of sweet, sours, bitters, barrel ageing, flavour combinations and flavour profiles over time. Dissecting classic drinks like the Tommy’s Margarita develop a better scientific understanding of why great drinks work and what to avoid

14.00 – 17.00 The Great Southern Shake Off with Brugal Rum – Feature Bar

Supported by Dominican Republic Rum Brugal this competition organised through Southern Bartending Associations will see teams competing from Brighton, Bournemouth, Bristol & London.

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