Smuggler’s Cove wins best bar in San Francisco (SFist poll)

The people over at conducted a poll to see which was the best bar in San Fran. among them: 15 Romolo, Alembic, Beretta, Bourbon and Branch, Cheesecake Factory (yes I know Cheesecake factory, WTF?). Anyways the poll was split into two list the High end and low end bars battling it out in two rounds. Controversy erupted when just hours before the polls closing time, Jaspers Corner’s numbers all of a sudden leaped to number one, the people of SFist suspected this was a PR interference and disqualified them. So the two runner ups were Smuggler’s Cove 12.6% (high end bar) and Zeitgeist 15.07% (Low end) going at each other on Fridays final round.

The winner on Fridays poll is: Smugler’s Cove

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