Where To Drink Saturday Night? (The Beagle NYC)

The Beagle (NYC) Serves produce-driven creative American cuisine and craft cocktails in Manhattan’s East Village. But the way they describe the place on their website sums it up well: “The Beagle is a superb classic cocktail bar with fantastic food, or a superb restaurant with a fantastic cocktail program, whichever you prefer”. An entire section of the menu features pairing boards: small dishes with a shot-sized cocktail or spirit served alongside. The drinks are also meant to pair with Chef Garrett Eagleton’s terrific food. Crisp fried sweetbreads served with braised fennel on a smear of puréed raisins are intriguing with a sip of Calvados ($17). Matthew Piacentini, who is also an owner of the cocktail-focused Clyde Common in Portland brought the barrel aged cocktail styles started by his bar Manager /Bartender Jeffrey Morganthaler who began experimenting with them and selling them in late 2009.  They just recently opened a barrel of “Vesper” this is how they described it on their blog:

…”Then the Beagle stepped in and said “On top of that, try putting it in a barrel for 8 weeks!”  And that’s just what we did.  Using Cocchi Americano, the closest possible alternative to true Kina Lillet, which is no more, we have created a delightfully easy and ethereal cocktail with much softer edges than a regular Vesper.  Just be careful.  After a few of these your aim might be a bit wonky.”

What to drink ?

Check out the rest of the cocktail menu here:

What to eat?


162 Avenue A (10th/11th) New York, NY 10009  Phone: (212) 228-6900

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