How To Ask Out Your Hot Bartender And Get Her/him To Say Yes

We’ve all been  in that same situation where you can’t take your eyes off the girl behind the stick, she’s fun, cool and hot. You know you want to make a move but how do you make yourself stand out from all the people at the bar she has to deal with? Ella Lawrence from the gives us a big tip on how to seduce your bartender or hot server.

Here is a summary of her tips:

1. Have a good joke up your sleeve: Being behind the bar can get hectic at times, specially if D-bags are in front of her. Make her smile to stand out.

2. Don’t dine with anybody that could be mistaken for a date: She’s not gonna make a move if she thinks you’re with your girlfriend.

3. Compliment the meal or the wine: Order her recommendations and thank for it later.

4. Dine at lunch: The Less people she deals with at the bar the more she has to focus on you.

5. Ask what is her/him favorite place for a drink or for lunch

6. Dine Solo: “Nothing says I’m confident like a woman sitting at the bar with her New Yorker or novel to keep her company”.

7. Become a Regular.

8. Pick your prey carefully: You don’t want to be known as the creepy guy that asks out all the servers and bartenders at the same restaurant.

9. Don’t brag: Asking her opinion is going to get you further than you talking about your boring finance job.

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