Scott Beattie Takes Over The Cocktail Program at Hog & Rocks (San Francisco)

As the Scoop is reporting, at Hog & Rocks, the cocktail program will be getting a revamp thanks to the new hiring of one of San Francisco’s best cocktail designer and bartender, Scott Beattie (SpoonbarMateo’s Cocina Latina, the upcoming Plum Bar), who’s cocktail recipes resemble the workings of a well-seasoned chef than those of a swanky restaurant bartender.He helped elevate the term “bar chef” during his tenure as bar manager at Cyrus Restaurant, where his libations paid homage to seasonally available ingredients, and careful attention to technique and history.

He’s brought along Erika Frey — who was his successor at Cyrus and has been there for the last three years — to be bar manager. She’ll be at Hog & Rocks starting October 24.

She and Beattie are going to roll out an entirely new cocktail menu, they’re saying that it will be a “mix of classics and Beattie’s signature seasonal specials.” Expect the Hog & Rocks changes to be unveiled — again, later this month.

Hog & Rocks: 3431 19th St., between Mission and Valencia; (415) 550-8627 or

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