Message to Dave Arnold

Grubstreet reports that Dave Arnold (Director of Technology at The French Culinary Institute) has recently gone to my country Colombia for The Wine and Food Festival where he discovered some unusual varieties of fruits that he is now planning to use in he’s cocktails.I’m glad for your interest. The truth is that Colombia is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world (second most diverse country in terms of species per land unit)  resulting in a unique agriculture. There is only so much that can be learned and seen in just a few days. I’ve been experimenting with cocktails using unique products from Colombia (fruits, roots, flowers) for some time now with some great results. There is still a lot for me to explore. If you really want to dive in to some interesting and unique ingredients from Colombia, beyond that “uchuva” and  “aguapanela” that you liked so much and I’ve been drinking since a kid for breakfast, don’t hesitate to contact me my friend, I’d love to do some collaboration with you. .

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