Chef Grant Achatz Reveals His Secrets On Cockails At Aviary (Video)

I’m not the biggest fan of molecular cocktails, the idea of chewing my cocktail has never appealed to me plus I’ve notice some bartenders to use it as a device to mask lack of knowledge in the fundamentals of cocktail making. But the truth is that in the hands of pioneers and genius such as chef Ferran Adria (El bulli) who has been mastering the craft of molecular cocktails since 1993 and now Chef Grant Achatz (Aviary/Alinea) it’s a beautiful thing that goes beyond edible cocktails, changing the mind of skeptics in this topic like me. This video is part of a lecture at Harvard, chef Grant Achatz and Executive chef Craig Schoettler reveal some of their secrets at Aviary where some of the most disruptive and creative thinking in cocktails are taking place. SKIP TO MINUTE 29 FOR THE GOOD PART. Enjoy!

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