Portland Cocktail Week Kicks Off Today!

The center of the cocktail universe for the next 4 days is in Portland and some of the stars showing up for this event include DeGroff; Winchester; Jim Meehan and Don Lee of New York’s Please Don’t Tell; Misty Kalkofen of Boston’s Drink; Chris Bostick of Los Angeles’ Varnish; and many more. The boozefest will start tonight at Wilf’s (Sponsored by Pernod Ricard) PCW organizers will take advantage of the spot’s Union Station location. Bartenders from Seattle and elsewhere will literally roll into the party via Amtrak and join up with some of Portland’s big names. Dale Degroff along with the rest of Pernod Ricard’s top notch crew of brand ambassadors will be behind the bar to get the party started.

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