Featured Bartender: Julian Cox (L.A.) -Video-

Julian Cox (29) got his start at David Myers’ French brasserie Comme Ça. The bar team was trained by the elite cocktail-crafters of the Sasha Petraske’s famed Milk and Honey; Cox was inspired by their use of fresh ingredients and the careful skill they applied to each and every drink.

He’s one of Los Angeles’ top bartenders, and he runs the cocktail programs of chef John Sedlar’s Rivera and Playa as well as Sotto and chef Ricardo Zarate’s just-opened Peruvian restaurant, Picca.

Cocktail Culture  fever has gripped L.A. in the last several years, with bartenders and bar consultants such as Eric Alperin at Varnish, Marcos Tello at 1886, Aidan Demarest at the Spare Room, Zahra Bates at Providence, Vincenzo Marianella at Copa d’Oro and Tricia Alley at Black Market Liquor Bar in Studio City, elevating the cocktail to the level of culinary art.

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