Babička Vodka: First Brewed by Witches

Babička Vodka, positioned as the world’s first wormwood vodka. Originating from Prostejov in the Moravian region of the Czech Republic, Babička is a wormwood-infused vodka said to replicate a 500-year-old Czech witches’ recipe. Babička is the Czech term for a band of 16th century peasant grandmothers with a reputation for witchcraft, who frequently gathered wormwood and other herbs to create potions to supplement their income. Babička vodka uses 100% Moravian corn as its single grain.

This Halloween Babička Vodka has partnered with some of the best bartenders in the U.K. to launch a limited edition of a cocktail called “Black Madzik”.

“Black Madzik”

50 ml Babička Vodka/  25 ml Triple sec/  25 ml vermouth / 25 ml lemon juice/  dash of squid ink/

Listen up my UK readers this will only be available Oct 27-31 in this following bars:

Apothecary (Manchester), Sub 13 9 (Bath), Aqua (West End, London), Baltic (Southwark, London), 98 bar lounge (Shoreditch, London), Suburban Bar (Wimbledon, London)

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