New On The Market: Johnnie Walker Double Black (Video)

Johnnie Walker Double Black is the newest addition to the Johnnie Walker brand. It was only available in global duty-free shops, a common move among whisky companies for distribution of rare and limited releases, the Double Black evidently sold well enough to justify a world wide release, and launched across the United States this October.

The whisky was created taking Black Label as a blueprint and adding heavily-peated malts and some aged in deeply charred oak casks. It is a peatier version of Johnnie Walker Black Label. Nether the less it should be compared to Islay scotch as Laphroig.

The mix of single malts in Double Black often include casks from smaller, remote distilleries on Scotland’s West Coast. The whisky has a full-bodied flavor offering intense smoke, dried fruit and notes of creamy vanilla, peat smoke, apples, pears and orange zest.

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