The Macallan and Roja Dove -The Power Of Aroma Video-

Getting past the overwhelming burst of the firey alcohol that whisky carries can be a tricky business. Remarking on the difficulties sometimes faced by verbalizing a whisky tasting experience, The Macallan has teamed up with Roja Dove a fragrance specialist, to create a sensory experience they call “The Macallan Aroma Box,”  grouping 12 scents into three pairs to illustrate some key aromatic nuances set to familiarizing the shy, inexperienced palate with the various flavors whiskeys are capable of possessing. Presented in a handcrafted oak box created by Scottish cabinet-maker Duke Christie, The Macallan and Roja Dove Sensory Experience is a boozy take on the Japanese Kodo ceremony, which pays tribute to the art and associated customs of incense.

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