Where To drink Saturday Night ? (Shaker and Company- London)

London’s thirst for quality cocktail bars shows no sign of slowing down. The new addition is Shaker and Company which has a vague New Orleans-Prohibition-era vibe. The bar has bourbon street fans, crystal decanter chandeliers and an intimate Benedictine Monastery feature in the basement. Notable for its long wooden bar, which takes up almost the entire left-hand wall of the main room, the venue also has plenty of seating space in the form of leather booths and rather lightweight tables.

The 12 original and adventurous cocktails are said to have been inspired by the renowned ‘father of mixology’ Professor Jerry Thomas, amongst other cocktail heroes from the 19th Century.

The food menu at Shaker and Company is concise and may include Cajun chicken wings, crayfish popcorn, house chowder and jambalaya.

119 Hampstead Street, Camden Town, London, NW1 3EE    phone: +44 207.060.6877

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