Become A Seatholder At Plum Bar

The rustic, narrow dining room, wallpapered with pages of American poetry, is dominated by a 32-ft.-long bar, where drink guru Scott Beattie (Spoonbar, Cyrus) and crew craft historically inspired and contemporary artisanal drinks, garnished with herbs grown onsite.

The concept of seatholder in a nutshell, is this: It’s a synergistic relationship between restaurant and community.

Plum Bar is a neighborhood gathering place that is distinguished by the local community. The venue is opening up the development process to community participation by inviting you to join as a Seatholder. Seatholders celebrate conviviality, share a sense of propriety, foster a shared community ethos and enjoy the benefits of their contributions. As members of the community, Seatholders have life-long privileges. By becoming a Seatholder you join in supporting local food culture.


  • You receive 20% off your entire tab at Plum Bar or Plum Restaurant for parties up to four guests.
  • You receive priority reservations at Plum Restaurant and you can reserve a table at Plum Bar.
  • You will be invited to special community events including tastings and demonstrations.


To become a seatholder they ask for a contribution of $500.

Plum Bar
2214 Broadway, Oakland, California
Ph: 510.444.7586

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