“Monkey Bar” (NYC) and “Saxon & Parole” (NYC) Get Good Cocktail Reviews

Monkey Bar

Ryan Sutton for Bloomberg ” Sidle up to the bar to sample the artistry of Julie Reiner, the cocktail magician behind Brooklyn’s Clover Club. She’s overhauled the drinks list to include pre-Prohibition classics like Manhattans, light on vermouth and well stirred. Another involves grenadine shaken with orange juice, gin and absinthe to round out the deep, dark taste of pomegranate syrup. It’s called the Monkey Gland.”

Saxon & Parole

Jay Cheshes for Time Out NY ” You can get excellent dark spirit cocktails here nonetheless, including an exceptionally smooth maple Sazerac with pecan milk. But barkeeps Linden Pride and Naren Young keep the focus here mainly on gin, including martinis delivered in tiny glass pitchers in bowls of crushed ice. There’s great sour-sweet house-made tonic, too, served in a tall glass with Breuckelen gin and a grapefruit wedge (all cocktails $14).

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