The Glenrothes Editors Cask

The Glenrothes has teamed up with a group of journalists to launch two single casks named Editors’ Casks.

With a price of  $375 per bottle and a limited release the barrels were chosen by a small group of spirits editors on a trip to The Glenrothes. Martine Nouet, Christian H Rosenberg, Noah Rothbaum and Ho-cheng Yao chose from a sampling of 18 assorted and experimental barrels. In the end they couldn’t completely agree, so there were two: the European editors chose a 1979 barrel and the American and the Taiwanese editors chose a 1996 matured in Spanish oak.

Editors’ Cask #3828 (1979) has an ABV of 52.1%, will be available in 2012 throughout Europe.

Editors’ Cask #9973 (1996) will be available in the US and Taiwan from early next year, carries an ABV of 57% .

The Editor’s Cask will be sold in certain markets, including the New York area, Massachusetts, Florida, Texas and California.

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