Where To Drink Friday Night? (Mosto -San Francisco)

Located next to Tacolicious II,The recently opened Mosto carries a Tequila/mezcal volume (300+ selections) that rivals any in the Bay Area, and there is a limited menu of bar snacks that are not available on the Tacolicious menu. The cocktail selection is going to be very limited (Margarita, Paloma, one or two non-tequila options) with the focus being on tasting tequilas and mezcals as they were meant to be quaffed, by themselves. There will be sake-style tequila service in five-ounce carafes, so that a group can taste a variety of tequilas at their table, side-by-side, without having to go back to the bar.

The menu is organized by spirit type, with tequila, the largest category, getting further subdivided by age (blanco, reposado, aƱejo) and by region (lowlands, highlands, and Tamaulipas/Guanajuato–areas outside of Jalisco legally allowed to call their product tequila

741 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 Phone: 415.818.9876 http://mostosf.com

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