The Role Of Social Media + Bartending

A couple months ago I had the great opportunity to be part of a group of three bartenders chosen by  The Black Grouse to be part of their Bartender Tour Miami Edition. The way this opportunity came about was through the use of social media to be precise Twitter, a platform I use regularly in combination with others (Tumbler, facebook and to keep in touch with colleagues and people that visit me regularly at the different places I work. The number of bartenders that are also using these type of platforms for different objectives is growing, becoming another tool we use in our daily profession. Here is an excerpt from Courtney Boyd Myers (Next Web) reporting on this new trend.

…”.One of the bartenders on the tour, Andres Aleman (pictured below), has been a bartender for 10 years, serving up cocktails in San Francisco, NYC, Miami Beach and now Tampa, Florida. He uses his Tumblr as a teaser to draw more traffic to his blog Shake and Strain, where he posts cocktail making how-to videos like “ Kiucubmer Cocktail.” He uses Twitter the way a DJ would, letting followers know which bar he’ll be at that night. He also creates incentives for his followers by offering them discounts if they retweet or share events he’s throwing.”

…“For a bar manager, you’re not just hiring Aleman’s talent but you’re hiring actual sales. In this case, a large social media following changes the calculus on both sides of that relationship,” explains Thurston.

“Perhaps what’s even more valuable for the cocktail revolution is the fact that social media allows bartenders to meet one another across different time zones and nations. “This cultivates a community of mixology, which accelerates the learning process and encourages experimentation. It’s very similar to the iterative process that we see happening with software developers,” explains Thurston. “They’re asking each other ‘what do u think of this and how do you tweak this?’ In this shared learning environment, they can get better more quickly.”


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