Bombay Sapphire Twist Sculpture (Milan Design Week)

Bombay Sapphire, collaborated with two innovative London-based creatives to launch Gaussian Blur (located in the creative and vibrant Zona Tortona district of Milan) an imaginative mix of design, networking, music and cocktails – during Milan Design Week, April 17-22.

At the very heart of this innovative experience was the Bombay Sapphire Twist – a stunning six metre high blue lit sculpture.

The six metre high Bombay Sapphire Twist was suspended in the venue space – an intriguing, twisting shape that spiraled up to the high ceiling. The outer spiral shape was made from a semi-transparent fabric, which intriguingly revealed glimpses of Bombay Sapphire bottle shapes inside. Fifty bespoke bottles were created from translucent live edge acrylic to create a blue fluorescent effect. These were suspended at different heights within the ‘Twist’ right up to the ceiling. Whilst on the outside of the sculpture, mesmerizing blue animations were projected onto the surface, adding layers of colour and a spiraling effect.

“We have taken the very essence of the Bombay Sapphire bottle to create the Bombay Sapphire Twist sculpture. Our playful approach contrasts the crystal clarity of the brand, with a slightly hidden and blurred veil of creative animation, adding depth and intrigue. Together we believe we have imaginatively captured the Bombay Sapphire spirit.” Co-creator Moritz Waldemeyer

Co-creator of Gaussian Blur Florian Dussopt comments, “We set out from the very beginning to create ‘the ultimate after party’ for Milan Design Week. We recognized that there is a gap to fill late at night, after the more traditional opening events, when the creative crowd is keen to gather and network. We hope to bring this exciting concept to other international creative festivals moving forward.”

International DJs and inspiring Bombay Sapphire cocktails were combined to create the hottest after-party in Milan Design Week – Gaussian Blur.

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