Spirit review- Don Julio Blanco

Bottled immediately after distillation Don Julio Blanco captures the flavor of the blue agave in a bright, crisp and clean way. On the nose notes of citrus, its taste is what you would expect from an unaged tequila having the aroma of agave right in the fore front exciting the palate, it’s finish is smooth with hints of black pepper.

La Primavera distillery was founded by Don Julio Gonzalez back in 1942 located still in it’s original place in  Atotonilco El Alto, Jalisco. Out of all the spirits, Tequila is maybe the one that resembles the most to wine in terms of the way the agave plant is harvested. Like wine the terroir where the blue agave is grown is crucial to the flavors and sugar content the plant will take. Don Julio recognizes that by having estate grown blue agave plants.  This allows them to have more control over the production of their tequila.

The category of tequilas has exploded in the market place.   One can find nowadays any top notch style, depending on what you may be looking for.  It makes it easier for us bartenders to create different styles of cocktails utilizing each tequila’s unique personality.

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