“The Bar Hemingway” in Paris

It’s always fascinating to visit a bar with history, where you can sit and enjoy a proper libation while the bartender tells the story of famous cocktails created there. One of such bars happens to be located inside the Ritz Hotel in Paris, named after one of it’s most famous regulars, “The Bar Hemingway” has been restored to its original appearance with rich wood panelling and leather arm-chairs. The bar still carries Ernest Hemingway’s favorite single malts. My experience in this mythic bar exceeded any expectations I may had at the time, all thanks to one of my favorite bartenders Colin Field, he’s vast knowledge in spirits and the evolution of cocktail culture, his talent to create cocktails and his ability to make you feel like your the only person sitting at the bar defines what a great bartender should be.
Here is a video of Bar Hemingway and Colin Field. Thanks to Manuel The barman

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