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Tom Richter’s idea for a artisanal tonic came 8 years ago while he created a cocktail program for a restaurant where the most popular cocktail was the gin and tonic. At the time, some really good small batch gins were starting to be produced, but the tonics available were deteriorating their great flavor. Experimenting with different recipes and ingredients allowed Tom to take the best out of each test and combine them into what he now produces as Tomr’s Tonic.

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His recipe is based in old tonic recipes where the main botanical is a South American Chinchona bark, (he doesn’t use ¬†an extract but the real bark which gives this tonic its amber color) with the use of other herbs to soften the edges. All the flavor is coming mainly from the tree bark, no secondary enhances are needed, the flavor and spices are inherent to this tree bark and its terroir. Tomr’s Tonic can be found in the U.S., ¬†Europe and and soon Asia. To order online go to

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