Blue Blazer, (Don’t try this at home)

The Blue Blazer, one of the most famous cocktails of all time was created by Jerry Thomas consider by many the father of american mixology and publisher of the first cocktail book ” How to mix drinks; or  The Bon vivant’s Companion” back in 1862, he was the first celebrity bartender and at his best, Thomas made the same wages as the vice president of the time. Us bartenders call him the professor (more on the Professor in future posts).

The Blue Blazer is prepared using two large silver mugs with handles and rolling back and forth a flammable liquid. The original recipe found on the book calls for Scotch Whiskey but many bartenders do their on take on it, just like in the next video it is prepared with Rum and Sherry. Be careful the first time rolling it back and forth, splashes of fire might sprinkle on your arm, it happened to me :). Make sure to practice with cold water first until you get the hand of it. Like Jerry Thomas said on his book “…the novice in mixing this beverage should be careful not to scald himself.”

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