Congratz to Sra Martinez best bars in America list 2011 (Esquire)

Congratulations to Chef Michelle Bernstein owner of Señora Martinez. This bar was the first  I worked for after leaving NYC two years ago. The bar has the same culinary approach as the kitchen, great ingredients and fantastic recipes. I had the opportunity to feature some of my signature cocktails like the SeñoRita Tequila a Citrus Chamomile tea infused tequila cocktail. It’s great to see that a place that opened up some many doors for me in Miami Beach gets the recognition of one of the best bars in America according to Esquire.

Article from Esquire

By Richard Dorment

So it’s not brand-new, but the bar in this three-year-old Design District restaurant has room for 20 or so souls looking for alternatives to the watered-down mojitos and body shots in South Beach. Real cocktails. House-made bitters, freshly cracked eggs, etc. And since the bar is tucked away discreetly on the second floor, you never feel like you’re drinking in a restaurant. (A good restaurant, a tapas place.) You’re drinking in a really good bar.

Here’s a Vid with me during the time I was working at Señora Martinez

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