Best Cocktail menu in Miami (Haute Living)

It’s good to know that my Cocktail Menu at The iconic Forge in Miami Beach is still holding strong. Haute Living magazine rates it number One.

Here’s the article:
It’s time to ditch your old stand-by drink, Miami. Restaurants and bars are expanding their cocktail horizons while a new breed of Miami bartenders has taken the city by storm with ambrosian concoctions that incorporate unique blends, infusions, methods, and ingredients that teeter on the border between bartending and alchemy. We’ve compiled a list of Miami’s Top 5 Cocktail Menus that you simply must try out… just check your conventions at the door.

1. The Forge Restaurant | Wine Bar
The Forge’s selection of drinks is expansive, varied, and inspired. Featuring an innumerable amount of tasty libations, there is something guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Their drink menu boasts an enormous variety of beer, including the standards, unique regional and global brews, and some you’ve probably never even heard of. Dare your wine snob friend (we know you have one) to take on the Forge’s colossal wine list, separated into ten separate stations based on factors such as body and tannin content. For those who favor liquor, The Forge’s resident mixologist Andres Aleman has concocted a list of signature cocktails, such as the Kiucumber made with kiwi, basil, and cucumber, and the Lychee Spumante, which comes finished with a dollop of lychee foam.

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